Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get?

By purchasing an Hey Pixi tablet, you get the following:

  • Hey Pixi assistive technology bundled with the device
  • Samsung Tab A8
  • Data, calls, and text without limits
  • Charging USB Cable and Power Brick
  • Instructions and introductory flyers
How much data do I get?
Can I get other apps?

Yes! Since the tablet is controlled to act as an assistive technology and prevent apps that do not meet guidelines (dangerous or unhealthy apps), we are required to review all apps that are selected to be installed on our tablets.

Should you require additional apps to be installed, just let us know via our contact form or email after you place your order and we’ll ensure that is arranged for you.

Paying for Hey Pixi

How do I pay for this product through the National Insurance Disability Scheme?

The payment process differs based on how your plan is managed, but we will never charge you upfront, only if the National Insurance Disability Scheme pays.

  • If you are self managed, we send you a signed copy of the service agreement alongside an invoice, for you to submit in the myplace portal.
  • If you are plan managed, Hey Pixi will contact you plan manager and work with them to get the payment through. Sometimes the plan manager will come back to you with a no the first time. In that case, we keep going! We have different ways we can get through the process and will do our best to get this funded. All we need is the name of your plan manager. If you don’t know who your plan manager is, give us a help person, or we can help you find out.
  • If you are agency managed or NDIA managed, Hey Pixi is a fully registered service provider and we are able to provide services to agency managed clients. Once you have signed up, we will deal directly with NDIS to get your payment through. You don’t have to do anything.
What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme? I’m not a National Disability Insurance Scheme participant.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a program in Australia that provides funding to eligible people based on their individual needs. Participants can use this funding to purchase supports and services to help them pursue their goals. You can find out more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme here.    

Unfortunately, Hey Pixi is currently only available for approved participants.

What are the costs and categories? What do they pay for?

You can find the costs listed in the pricing page, and the exact line items they are billed under can be found on our service agreement here.

To summarise what these costs cover:

  • Device Fee - This is the cost of the device itself.
  • Monthly Subscription - This covers regular maintenance and support for the tablet and apps to suit your needs
  • Setup and Delivery Fee - This is used for the initial configuration of the tablet with managed access and delivery of the tablet to your door.
  • Establishment and Customisation Fee - This is used to setup and customise your device, bundle the hardware and software together, setup dashboard and meal planner, and provide any services you need to get going and to personalise Hey Pixi for you own use.

Order Issues

My plan manager has rejected the order or is returning problems with the invoice.

If your plan manager has informed you about problems with paying it, please let us know as we can follow up. You will need to give us permission to speak with your plan manager and support coordinator where required.

Typically, resolving the problem involves:

  • Ensuring our device and service achieves the goals of your NDIS plan
  • Following up with your support coordinator to ensure that the costs fit within your NDIS plan
  • Revising the service agreement and invoice to be paid by your plan manager.

We usually succeed, but sometimes it takes a few steps.


How do I sign up?

To sign up, you can click ‘Sign up’ at the top of our website or by clicking here.

From there, create an account with a username and password then follow the instructions in order to sign a service agreement and register your details for a tablet.

How long from sign-up to delivery?

After we receive all the necessary details to proceed with the order, we send your signed service agreement and invoices to you (for self managed participants), your plan manager (for plan managed participants) or the NDIA directly (for agency managed participants). We may need adjustment to line items billed under the service agreement to cater to your particular NDIS plan.

After payment, we will ship the device from our warehouse in about 2 weeks.


How is my personal information used?

We only use personal information to process a sales order and to personalise the tablet for you.
We will never sell your data to anyone or share it without your permission. Data is sovereign to YOU - it is your data, and will only be used to personalise your Hey Pixi app and make it better.
We also don’t collect data on what you are doing inside any other apps on your tablet. We can only see activity on the Hey Pixi app, which we will use only to make Hey Pixi work better

Hey Pixi is a Public Benefit Corporation, and our key success metric is to help people achieve their goals and make life better, not sell them things. We have also gone through an additional audit process with NDIS to be a fully registered service provider. This is a long process needed for any provider who provides services to agency managed participants. This is why so many service providers only provide services to self or plan managed participants, and not to agency-managed - they don't want to go through the audit process. This audit includes background screening of key employees

For specific details, including what exactly your rights are and what to do if you have concerns, please review our privacy policy here.

In addition to this, we use Knox from Samsung to provide added enterprise-grade security. Knox allows Hey Pixi to update apps and software, but never to see your personal information on the tablet or any apps in the tablet. This may make the tablet a little bit more ‘clunky’ than a regular retail ap, but we take data privacy very seriously. See their documents on sensitive data protection and how they protect your personal information.

If you have any concerns about how your information is used or stored, please email them to