aKin and the new NDIS framework for AI Assistive Technology

Last month the NDIS released its latest framework for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Assistive Technology. The new framework is designed to promote innovation and the safe use of AI within the NDIS. Since its founding, aKin has been a major advocate for the safe and ethical use of AI – aKin CEO, Liesl Yearsley, provided early consultation to the NDIS for the framework.

Here are some highlights from the new framework:

What the framework means for aKin

aKin is excited to use this framework to bolster our mission of delivering the best possible Assistive Technology products for each individual. The framework will help guide NDIS participants to our products as a genuine Assistive Technology, purpose-designed to support daily living and independence.

The framework provides stronger guidelines and requirements that are crucial to the safe and effective use of AI in the NDIS. As always, we look to the NDIS and its consultation with Australia’s disability community as a guide for our AI development.

Hey Pixi to suit your life

Our main product line, Hey Pixi, is a registered NDIS provider, and is categorised as a low-cost, low-risk Assistive Technology. This means individuals will have more access to a plan that suits them. Our goal has always been to maximise user wellbeing, and allow participants to decide what does, or doesn’t, work in their lives.

As part of this mission, aKin has launched a number of low-cost packages for Hey Pixi, bundling the Assistive Technology with either a smartphone or an Apple iPad device (view the bundles here).

Thank you to our community for their continued support on our journey building AI that transforms the way we support each other and live our lives.