Everything you need to know about Hey Pixi

aKin’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) & NDIS Assistive Technology (AT) guidelines

Hey Pixi Assistive Technology and the NDIS
Hey Pixi is a low-cost, low-risk AI-enabled Assistive Technology (AT). All of our Hey Pixi devices are approved by the NDIA and fully fundable under NDIS plans – whether you are self managed, agency managed or plan managed. Our Assistive Technology can come on a variety of devices including: a Samsung A8 tablet, an Apple iPad 9th Generation, and a Samsung Galaxy A54 smartphone all with our Hey Pixi app. You can browse our full range of AT products on the Hey Pixi Assistive Technology Bundles page

What is Assistive Technology?
The NDIS classifies Assistive Technology (AT) as equipment or device that helps people do things they cannot do because of disability, or do things they already do in a safer way. ATs can assist in all aspects of your life from mobility, education and employment to social participation and building independence.

Hey Pixi is an AI-enabled tablet or phone system specifically designed to help you organise your life, move towards your goals, and give you back more time for the things that matter. As an approved NDIS provider and a strong proponent of the power of AI for disability support, our development is strongly aligned to NDIS domain outcomes. Our goal is to leverage AI to prompt real results and show them over time. Hey Pixi falls under the NDIS’ low cost, low risk AT category. The Hey Pixi team is here to help you determine if our AT is suitable for you, and to guide you through the process of claiming our devices under your plan. For more information about the NDIS and ATs you can visit this page: Assistive technology explained

aKin's Hey Pixi hub device. Empathic AI to help you build all aspects of your life.

How do I get Assistive Tech with my NDIS plan?

We are here to make the process of getting your Hey Pixi device as smooth and easy as possible. The general sign-up process for participants is as follows:

  1. Sign up on our website at Hey Pixi sign up page or call our team on 1300 882 546 (9AM - 5PM Monday - Friday). All you need to provide us with are basic details about yourself and your NDIS plan and which bundle you would like – view our full bundle options here.
  2. Our expert team will assess if our product is right for you and how your device(s) can be customised to best suit your needs and life.
  3. We will issue an invoice to the Agency (NDIA), your Plan Manager, or directly for self-managed NDIS participants. Once payment has been received your device will be dispatched from our warehouse within 3 business days.
  4. You can call our team members at any step in the process for any assistance you may require. You can also elect someone to manage the process on your behalf.

I am Plan Managed 

We will send an invoice directly to your plan manager. Hey Pixi’s experienced team will help you meet your plan managers requirements for making a claim.

I am Agency Managed (NDIA Managed)

We will issue an invoice claim directly to the NDIA on your behalf. We have access to the NDIS portal to make this process easy for you.

I am Self-Managed 

Using your NDIS MyPlace account, you can either pay for Hey Pixi directly and then make a claim with your receipt; or you can submit our invoice before paying.

Hey Pixi, the AI that grows with you

Hey Pixi is an AI-enabled Assistive Technology, this means that your device is designed to constantly grow with you, and improve the quality of support it provides. Hey Pixi is more than just a tablet, your monthly subscription includes: personalised set up, programming, and customisation of your Hey Pixi, and ongoing community participation services and support and access.

What joining the Hey Pixi family means…

Our sole goal as a company is to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the good of humanity. That means AI that helps you work towards your goals and improves every aspect of your life. Our AI is designed to align to your goals and help you move towards them naturally.

Working with the disability community

Everyday our experienced team listens to the feedback from our participants and strives to implement the best possible solutions for their lives. We are currently working with Sydney University’s Brain Mind Centre conducting focus trials to understand how we can continue to improve our AI and app. Joining the Hey Pixi community means becoming a part of our community, where your feedback and satisfaction is core to our values as a Public Benefit Corporation.

We believe in a world where everyone has the tools and support to thrive and have their value realised. The other side of our work is to see that Australia’s disability community is celebrated and brought into the national conversation.

I still feel unsure

If you have any questions about getting your Hey Pixi simply contact our friendly team. Our customer service team is here to make this process as accessible and easy as possible. Please contact us if you need any specific accommodations or direct guidance.

A note from our Head of Customer Experience, Angela Cagliostro:

"Working for aKin is an absolute honour, everyday I get to see how Hey Pixi is helping people build independence and improve their wellbeing. The whole team at Hey Pixi shares the vision of creating a better future through ethical and empathic AI. The most rewarding part of my role as the Head of Customer Experience is being able to talk to members of Australia’s disability community in order to understand their challenges and what each individual needs to thrive, grow, and reach their goals."