caring technology to manage your home and wellbeing

aKin assistive tablet helps people living with a disability to manage their home and wellbeing.
  • Easy to order
  • 100% funded by National Disability
    Insurance Scheme
  • No credit card needed
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Create personalised meal plans based on your diet, eating habits, preferences, and any food intolerances or allergies.

With our meal planner you select the meals that you want to eat throughout the week from a large database of easy-to-make, affordable, and healthy recipes.

Cooking has never been this easy!
aKin assistive NDIS funded tablet includes a meal planner and lot's of recipes.


Keep your daily activities organised with our adaptive calendar.
  • Schedule support visits
  • Schedule appointments
  • Schedule social gatherings
  • Create reminders
  • Keep checklist so you never forget anything again!
With aKin assistive NDIS funded tablet it is easy to organise daily activities

Apps Drawer

The tablet comes with controlled access to essential apps through our app centre, including:
  • Health and well-being
  • Grocery ordering
  • Online banking
  • Navigation
  • Email
caring assistive tablet with a lot of option of essential apps


Stay connected with those you love.
  • Easy access to favourite contacts
  • Phone calls, video calls or SMS text message
  • Prompts you to check in on loved ones
  • Alerts to fluctuations in mental and physical health
Connect with your loved ones and NDIS support workers with aKin assistive technology

AI Assistant

Pixi is a voice assistant like no other. It helps you navigate the Hey Pixi app and interact with the app on your behalf.
  • Setting up alarms and alert
  • Get recipe suggestions
  • Show meals in meal plan
  • Tells the time & weather
  • Helps with maths
what makes aKin assistive NDIS technology special is that it includes your own AI digital assistant.


Our goal tracker lets you set and keep track of your own goals and those within your household.

Use them to build good habits or make sure you don’t forget simple things such as drinking water.

How can Hey Pixi's assistive tablet help you?

At Hey Pixi we want to make real, positive change in the world.

Our assistive technology, Hey Pixi, comes on a Samsung tablet. It is a digital helper making life easier, happier and healthier for participants, developed in collaboration with the University of Sydney and Brain and Mind centre.

The assistive technology provides Cognitive and Communication support. It can help manage habits, goals, nutrition and exercise, offer healthy recipes and meal plans and even keep people connected to loved ones and their support workers.

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what you get

What do you get?

With Hey Pixi, you get:

  • A Samsung Tablet A8,
    • Integrated Assistive Technology
    • A large selection of apps
    • Data, calls, and text without limits
  • USB-C charging cable and power plug
  • A tablet stand

Plans and Pricing

All plans are funded under the National Disability Insurance Scheme,
meaning $0 out-of-pocket for participants.
Samsung Tab A8
36 months
Selection of Apps
Low Cost Assistive Technology Device and Software
Setup, Packaging and Delivery
Customisation and Community Participation Monthly Subscription
$365 / month

How to get your own assistive tablet?

It is easy to order aKin assistive tablet and fully funded by NDIS
Choose your device
Order your assistive tablet and NDIS pays
Fully funded under the National Disability Insurance Scheme
We keep you in the loop when your assistive tablet will arrive.
We deliver your tablet
Case Study

Watch Pixi help Daniel manage his house and organise his life

 Coming soon!

Mobile assistive app

A phone version of Hello Pixi is currently in development. We are a few months away, but wanted to let you know it is coming! The mobile version will have the same features as our tablet that help you organise your life and home, and will be included free for all subcribers.