Hey Pixi Available as Mid-cost Assistive Technology

Akin is excited to announce that Hey Pixi  can now be claimed as a mid-cost AT (Assistive Technology). This approval means Hey Pixi can be added to NDIS plans outside of one’s core budget making it more accessible than ever.

This change is instrumental to our mission: improving the lives of as many people as possible, and building ethical AI for Good. Hey Pixi is an AT designed to support independence and increase wellbeing, this announcement means we can provide key supports with less expense and more ease.

Our team looks forward to working with participants and their support networks to find the best possible Hey Pixi solution -- we know deep down that every device we deliver has the potential to change a life.


What this means for me?


Previously, our ability to deliver Hey Pixi devices was dependent on your core NDIS budget. Unfortunately this meant many people who needed Hey Pixi did not have enough funds.

Now, we can assist and advocate participants to secure additional funding just for Hey Pixi.

All you need to provide is:

  • A letter of recommendation from an AT Advisor, or other Allied Health Professional (OTs, Physio, Speech Pathologist). If you are seeing an OT you do not require a full functional assessment
  • An explanation of how Hey Pixi can support you and help you work towards your NDIS stated goals, including:
    • Activities of daily living
    • Health and wellbeing
    • Relationships
    • Social and community engagement
    • Goal management.
aKin's Hey Pixi hub device. Empathic AI to help you build all aspects of your life.
Image of Hey Pixi tablet with core features: relationships, community participation, Goals, Health, Daily Living, and a Conversational Agent.

Whether you are an existing or a returning user, or just want to learn more, our team is here to guide you in adding Hey Pixi to your NDIS plan today.

Support Professional

As we make this transition Hey Pixi is actively engaging our community of support professionals and organisations to understand how each individual can get the most out of Hey Pixi. This includes working with OTs looking for new ways to support participants, and AT advisors to assist in advocating for Hey Pixi as a mid-cost AT.

(OT consultations and AT advisors are eligible for billable hours).

Circle of Care

For those in the circle of care of someone with an NDIS plan we also look forward to working with you in advocating for, and providing the best possible AT access. If you think the Hey Pixi AT might be a solution to help those in your circle build independence and increase their choice and control, our friendly team is just a phone Call now!

What is a Mid-cost AT?

The NDIS splits ATs into three cost categories: low, mid and high. Low-cost items come out of the core budget and can be processed quickly without any letter of recommendation. Mid-cost ATs require a letter of advice from an accredited AT advisor, and funds for the item will come from a capital budget – meaning there is no impact to your regular NDIS plan. 

Previously Hey Pixi could only be claimed as a low-cost AT from an NDIS core budget.

Learn more about the NDIS price categories.

More About Hey Pixi

Hey Pixi is a disability-adapted personal AI assistant and customised AT for communication and cognitive support.  It can assist in overcoming the functional limitations that are impacting a person's capacity with memory, organisation and daily living. 

Hey Pixi has features to support all areas of independent living, this includes:

  • A calendar to organise daily life, this can be shared with a core support network;
  • A goal planner to set, track and monitor progress towards milestones; for support workers, tools to support clients on their progress and save time on reporting on achievements and identifying roadblocks;
  • A meal planner with an extensive library of tailor-made recipes to support healthy living and dietary restrictions;
  • A digital companion (designed by leaders in ethical AI technology) that can help you during the day, from making new events in the calendar, to taking you through each step of cooking a meal at your own pace.

Contact our team on 1300 108 804 or email support@akin.com, we are always here to support you through this new process.