aKin wins significant space agency grant for ‘AI crew for Space’.

December 14, 2020
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aKin wins significant space agency grant for ‘AI crew for Space’ 

The Australian Space Agency has awarded aKin a grant to build helper and inspector robots, and an AI habitat manager.

The project will develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Space Crew with distinct personas working together as a team. Together, the AI crew will complement the human team, and start to evolve towards fully autonomous operation Each member of the AI crew will have their own strengths.

The Helper, an outgoing and cheerful agent, will proactively engage with humans to provide encouragement and assistance with complex tasks, and talk with natural language.

The Inspector, a shy but curious nonverbal agent, will support the human team by continually monitoring the environment and look for anomalies, using sensors and computer vision.

Finally, the omniscient Manager will give a high-level overview of the status of the environment and all tasks being performed.

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